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Cima exams can be sat at over 5,000 pearson vue test centres in 178 countries. All of your exams have the option of being booked online or over the phone. When booking your exam online the following steps should be followed. Cima is the first global accountancy body to pioneer a combination of computerised assessments. The question tutorials provide candidates with a demonstration of the online test environment and functionality.

Youll find all the examrelated information you need here, including details of exam dates, fees, deadlines and how to book. In 2015 cima introduced pc exams for all student assessments. Take your chartered institute of management accountants cima exam. Cima professional objective test study session youtube.

Cima has created a very simple checklist to follow in order to book your next exam. How to maximise your chances of passing cima objective tests. Then, 48 hours later you will receive an email confirmation that you can find the full breakdown of how you measured up against each area of the syllabus. Each subject in the syllabus is assessed by an objective test nine in total and also by an integrated case study exam at the end of each level three in total. Samuel li, study support and learning manager at cima, takes you through the objective test of the cima professional qualification. Find out about the changes to the cima syllabus, operational, management and strategic. Become a chartered management accountant with cima. While the exam registration period is open for case study exam. Objective tests are available on demand and computer marked, so as soon as you have completed your objective test you will receive a provisional exam result of either pass or fail at the pearson vue assessment centre. If you need to reschedule an exam log in to your my cima account.

This result will then be ratified in your mycima account within 48 hours. Cima offer two types of question tutorials to cover the objective tests and case study exams. Tests at least 72 hours before the deadline to book your case study exam. It gives you the opportunity to explore this technology and become familiar with how the online system works. Objective tests for the cima certificate in business accounting and professional qualification are available. If you feel that you need some direction when it comes to preparing for, and passing, your objective test exam, have a look at our dos and donts and get yourself on track. Up to 48 hours before a certificate in business accounting exam. So, buying books of questions and practicing with pen and paper is not optimal because its very different to the exam experience. Up to 48 hours before an objective test exam while the exam registration window for the case study exams is open. You cannot reschedule an exam later than these times. Objective tests will switch over to examine the new syllabus from 4th. When you register with cima you will receive a contact id and password. The cima objective tests are the meat on the bones of the cima qualification and you will need to pass nine objective tests in total plus three case studies to become fully qualified so its imperative you find the right resources for you.

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