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Sop for calibration of refractometer standard operating procedure to evaluate the performance of refractometer using distilled water, carbon tetrachloride and toluene. Thank you for purchasing the digital handheld pocket refractometer, pal1. Refractometers are used to measure the concentration of aqueous solutions. Operating manual analogue refractometer kern ora 1 sasb. Data can be saved in excel or pdf formats for integration into the laboratory. Instructions for the refractometer type shown above, yours may vary slightly. Simply immerse the sensor in the sample or drop the sample on top of the sensor prism.

The refractometer is often stored with a piece of tissue in the prism assembly to keep the prism glass from being scratched. Scales are currently available for the palm abbe digital refractometer that can measure eg ethylene glycol, pg propylene glycol, teg triethylene glycol, deg diethylene glycol, mea monoethanolomine, dea diethanolomine, and dga diglycolamine. This phenomenon is known as refraction, and its measurement is called a refractive index. The ts meter refractometer reticle and conversion tables pages 914 are scaled primarily for the measurement of serum or plasma protein and must not be applied indiscriminately to other proteincontaining solutions. Atago 2353 master53m handheld refractometer, manual. Aim the front of the refractometer towards the light source and focus the eyepiece on the boundary line. The top countries of suppliers are japan, china, and japan, from which the percentage of portable refractometer manual supply is 1%, 99%, and 1% respectively. A refractometer cannot be directly used after fermentation has taken place as alcohol distorts the reading, however a conversion calculator ms excel based is available from morewine. Make sure the prism and sample well are completely dry. Congratulations on the purchase of your new reichert r2i300 reflected light refractometer. Use a pipet to apply your liquid sample to the prism, being careful not to let the glass pipet tip touch the prism since this may scratch the soft prism glass. View and download hanna instruments hi 96801 instruction manual online. Calibration calibrating the refractometer is the first step in evaluating sugar content of fruit.

Hi 96801 measuring instruments pdf manual download. Apr 24, 2017 a refractometer measures the bending of light as it passes through some material. Fill out the warranty registration card and return it to afab enterprises. A wide variety of portable refractometer manual options are available to you, there are 217 suppliers who sells portable refractometer manual on, mainly located in asia. Failure to observe the instructions in the operating manual. Pure water set and read at scale zero is sufficient to check the ts meter since the instrument is itself standardized. When light enters a dry prism, the field of view in an analog refractometer remains. Introduction soluble dissolved sugar or solids content ssc or brix is a measure of sweetness. When properly set, the borderline seen through the eyepiece will be achromatic in the center at the cross hair, with a faint red color at one end, and a faint blue. This compact, portable line of handheld refractometers is set apart by its streamlined design and variety of measuring capabilitiescompact and easy to use, the handheld refractometers are ideal for laboratory or production environments measurements. When not in use, keep the refractometer in the storage case at room temperature 20c. They work on the principle that light entering a prism has a unique characteristic. Users guide portable salinity refractometer with atc model rf20 introduction congratulations on your purchase of the extech rf20 handheld salinity refractometer with automatic temperature compensation.

The first time you use your refractometer, insert batteries face up into battery case. Opt10 and opt32 models are temperature stabilized within a 18f range. Measuring refractive index of glass using gem refractometer. Part description main unit ac adapter type2 touch pen water2bottles ra600 series operation manualcdrom ra600 series quick manual safety instructions inspection certi.

Upon receipt of your order, unpack and inspect the instrument for possible damage during shipment. Congratulations on your purchase of the extech rf10 or rf15 brix. Tightly close battery cover over batteries for good connection. Extech rf10 rf15 portable refractometers manual pdf instrumart. The refractive index for a solution of a known substance can be used to calculate the concentration of that solution. Atago 2483 masters28m handheld salinity refractometer. Calibration verifies the zero baseline reading, ensuring that subsequent fruit. Instruction manual ma887 refractometer for seawater measurements measurement procedure verify the instrument has been calibrated before taking measurements. Handheld refractometers are classic, visual refractometers and are used for the determination of the refractive index of liquid media of low or high viscosity. International shipping is via either us postals global prior. The sanitary refractometer sensor pr03a and the probe refractometer sensor pr03p. A wide variety of atago refractometer manual options are available to you. Keep the manual with the instrument for future reference. Using the principles of light refraction, atago clinical refractometers use special scales for clinical purposes such as specific gravity of urine, and total protein in serum or plasma.

A popular use is to measure sucrose concentrations which is reported on a brix scale. Refractometer there are two types of handheld refractometers. The refractometer is a measuring instrument for determining the refractive index of translucent liquids, dispersions and emulsions. However, there are different sensor models, each adapted for different process requirements. The precision and accuracy of a refractive index measurement is largely dependent upon operator skill, cleaning practices. It does this with just a few drops of the wort which means less waste.

To obtain the best possible accuracy, it is absolutely necessary to maintain the instrument. This manual describes the proper operation and care of this state of the art instrument. L cover prism totally sample cell stainless steel ring and flint glass prism temperature compensation automatic between 0 and 40 c 32 to 104 f case. The ambient temperature at which you can safely store the units is between 0 and 40c. This procedure is applicable to calibrate the refractometer, installed in the quality control department. Thank you for purchasing the atago, abbe refractometer nar1t solid. Note the refractometer scale reading at the point where the boundary line separates the light and dark areas on the scale. Handheld refractometers master series this new type of handheld refractometer master functions such as easytoread, easytohold, smooth sampling, easy disposal of sample from the edge, the improvement of hygiene aspect by employing the new type of grip, and well balanced structure, emphasis is also placed on its design, well exemplified by the streamlined body and the. A refractometer is a measuring instrument for the speed of light. Catalog download manufacturer of various refractometers, polarimeter, saccharimeter, phmeter, saltmeter, brix meter, brixmeter, refractive index. You can adjust the focus by twisting the eyepiece until the scale can be seen clearly. The refractometer is a measuring instrument for determining the refractive index of transparent.

This instruction manual covers an overview of the basic operation, troubleshooting, checking, maintenance and cleaning of the auto refractometer rm8800 and auto keratorefractometer kr8800. Once the refractometer is calibrated to zero with pure water, dry the surfaces with a clean cloth. To describe the procedure for operation and calibration of refractometer. Atago n10 handheld brix 010% refractometer n10 010% brix 0. Safety precautions to use the pal1 safely, the safety precautions described in this instruction manual must be observed. After use, clean the prism with distilled water and a cloth to remove any residue. The atago 2353 master53m is a handheld, portable refractometer with a brix scale that measures in the 0. Refractometers are available in various brix scales and may be calibrated specifically for glucose, maltose, fructose, and other sugars. Light is refracted through the liquid, and a brix reading is taken where the light and dark areas meet on the scale, as demonstrated in the university of california cooperative extensions manual on refractometer use. Automatic digital refractometer rxiplus the most accurate refractometer in the world is now even more stylish, smart, and functional. Operation manual, function description, operation manual for rs232c, quick manual, ce declaration of conformity, etc.

Calibration should be made in an ambient environment of 20degree celsius. A refractometer thats right for your industry and application. The atago 2483 masters28m is a handheld, portable refractometer with a salinity scale that measures in the 0. A refractometer measures the bending of light as it passes through some material. Wipe off prism surface located at the bottom of the sample well. Our refractometer is hand held with a metal body, flexible eye piece and rubber grip. Avoid storing the unit in direct sunlight or in a moist environment and do not subject the unit to strong shocks or vibrations. Using a plastic pipette, drip sample onto the prism surface. In beverage production, the areas where inline refractometers are most actively used are in. Instruction manual ma887 refractometer for seawater measurements principle of operation light source yellow led measurement time approximately 1. Replace the plastic cap after adjusting the calibration screw to prevent water from entering the refractometer. Operating manual abbe refractometer kern ort 1rs analogue.

Atago n10 handheld brix 010% refractometer nisupply. Ankur choudhary print question forum no comments 1. The result will not be indicated directly but related to the. The refractometer is then brought up to the observers eye and held perpendicular to a light source. The determination of concentrations of solutions is one of the oldest uses of refractometry. This reference manual provides full instructions and technical guidance for safe and correct usage of the excellence refractometers r4 and r5. Reference manual refractometer excellence r4 r5 mettler toledo. That characteristic is represented by a value on a scale in units known as. Zebra refractometer manual correcting for temperature if, during concentration measurement, the temperature is above or below 10f to that of the temperature during calibration, it is recommended to recalibrate the unit at the testing temperature. Before operating, read this instruction manual carefully to understand its contents. By very simple operation that needs only to set the boundary line of refraction at the cross hairs, this refractometer directly indicates a measured value in refractive index or brix %, selective in digits together with temperature on the display. For example, the brix scale is used for measuring the sugar content of jams, marmalades, maple syrup, and honey.

Operation manual for handheld refractometer for brix. Before using your nar1t solid, read this instruction manual carefully and. You have purchased a highquality refractometer for measuring coolant used in the metalworking industry. Hanna instruments hi 96801 instruction manual pdf download.

Instruction manuals misco refractometer refractometer. The boundary line indicates the concentration of urine specific gravity and refractive index of the test sample. The misco inline process refractometers, and iris intelligent refractive index sensor, provide you with the capability to continuously monitor and control the concentration of dissolved solids or watersoluble fluids, which save both time and money compared with manual sampling. Atago digital benchtop refractometers are designed to be highly accurate and provide reliable measurements while facilitating a simple measurement method for the operator. This precision optical instrument should be handled gently. Refractometers are commonly used in different types of industries. The mark iii refractometer is a high precision optical instrument.

The refractometer requires only a few drops of liquid and are used throughout the food, agricultural, chemical and manufacturing industries. Determine the concentration by multiplying the refractometer scale reading by the refractometer factor of your metalworking fluid refer to calculations in figure 3. Eye adjustment ring of dioptre instruction for use putting it simply, a refractometer will allow you to take an accurate gravity reading of your wort. Refractometers also have different scales for specific purposes. The purpose of this instrument is to aid quality control personnel in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial fluids, chemical and petrochemical applications. These units are best used for calculating the brix value. In fruits, the typical range of soluble sugar content is 515%, while in vegetables it is typically 5% or below. Operation manual for handheld refractometer for brix measurement 28 to 62% product layout specification. This instruction manual covers an overview of the basic operation, troubleshooting, checking, maintenance and cleaning of the auto refractometer rm8800 and auto kerato refractometer kr8800. They are mainly used for quick onthespotcontrol of process streams and the field analysis in fruit and vegetable plantations.

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