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Baja whale watching gray whales in baja california. There is no experience in the world like looking a. San ignacio lagoon and sea of cortez oceanic society. Baja whale watching, san ignacio lagoon baja discovery. The opportunities for whale encounters here are truly exceptional. In addition, whale watching is becoming more common in the sea of cortez. Gray whale watching tour in baja california sur, mexico. Private luxury whale watching cabo san lucas cruise. Its flanked on the west by the mighty pacific ocean and on the east by the nutrientrich waters of the sea of cortez, so its no surprise that the mexican state of baja california sur bcs is one of the best destinations in the world for whale watching. But in reality there are not related to whales, they belong to the shark. Ultimate baja whale expedition natural habitat adventures.

It was around 3pm on friday 28 february 2014, in san ignacio lagoon, baja california. With all that, we do get close to the whales on every whale watching tour. Whale shark facts the whale shark is the largest fish on the planet, reaching lengths of arround 18 to 40 feet 5. We cannot guarantee you will touch whales that is completely up to the whales. Gray and humpback whale season begins with most whales arriving by late december.

The sea of cortez the worlds aquarium, as it was referred to by the famous french explorer jacques cousteau and the pacific coast of the peninsula have 80% of all marine mammals found in mexican waters. The whale watching in san ignacio lagoon is unlike any other whale watching. Spend indepth time with giant gray whales that migrate to the warm waters of bajas pacific lagoons each winterin the worlds best place to see them up close. Witness and interact with the friendly california gray whale on this incredible adventure set right in the heart of bajas gray whale territory. A stay of a month on either side will likely have you seeing whales too. Wed watched jealously as a mother and baby grey whale approached a boat 100m away.

For most people, being close to a massive friendly whale with a gentle disposition is one of the greatest thrills in the animal world. Best time to visit baja california responsible travel. Immerse yourself in endless wildlife experiences on searcher natural history tours signature 12day itinerary to baja california, mexico. Baja adventure travel, baja whale shark, baja whale. A worldclass whalewatching destination, baja california is home to over a dozen different whales, including curious gray whales of laguna san ignacio and earths largest inhabitants, blue whales. The whaleplanner december a whale watching infographic. The sea of cortez was aptly coined the worlds aquarium by jacques cousteau. Best time to cruise baja, by month when to travel adventuresmith. Visit our baja mexico kayak map page to view or print a larger version of this baja whalewatching tour map.

Mexico whales watching whale watching with experts. When the gray whales arrive in baja to have their babies, it is a magical time. To have an excellent chance of seeing whales, visit baja between the end of december and early march. Baja california has protected lagoons calm waters, protected from killer whales, so it is a relatively. The large concentration of gray whales that reside here each winter are extremely friendly, and regularly approach our small whale watching. Todos santos whale watching baja california, mexico. In this baja, the gray whales come to you photography. Live the adventure with ensenadas best whale excursions. In the weeks in the whales will venture as far south as cabo pulmo and cabo san lucas to winter, before turning around and heading north again to summer in arctic waters some of the pacific bays and lagoons of baja california sur are. If youre here just for the sea kayaking, the best time to visit baja is the end of octearly dec, as well as marapr, as the wind drops and the sea of cortez is clear and calm. The alaskan arctic has large amounts of food amphipods for gray whales.

Baja whale watching, birding and botany ecotours gray whale watching join us on our 5day whale watching trips to laguna san ignacio in baja california sur, mexico to see the friendly gray whales up close in their winter mating and calving grounds. This baja coastal sailing excursion offers incomparable privacy, whale watching, coastal sailing, optional snorkeling and comfort. To see the whales you really need to take an organized boat trip or a private boat charter operated by an experienced skipper who knows where the whales are and how to approach them in the vessel without scaring them off. North pacific right whale eubalaena glacialis aquatic mammal. Whale watching season begins in baja california travel. Get inspired whale watching baja whale watching tours. The average weight is arround 15 tons the name whale shark comes from its size, being as large as some species of whales. Its time for your wonderful whale watching experience at magdalena bay. Baja airventures tours and ecolodge understands that there is a lot of uncertainty around your travel planning right. Imagine the excitement youll feel getting closer than the average human to these incredible creatures. Based on decades of respectful wildlife ecotourism. Witness the gray whale migration, one of natures most phenomenal events, and see these gentle giants upclose in the heart of their breeding grounds. Spyhopping, where the animal vertically pokes its head out of the water, is a. Baja california sur is one of the best world destinations to see whales.

To download the full whaleplanner as a graphic, please just click this link and save the graphic on the next page. Whale watching with baja discovery we hope to welcome you to the very best camp for watching gray whales in baja california, mexico. Baja discovery san ignacio 2020 all you need to know. Whales can be seen all around the middle peninsula of baja california sur. Sergios whale watching ensenada baja california norte. Seven of us, plus our guide, were in a small panga motorboat, bobbing around on a sunny afternoon. They came right up to the rowing boat, once even a mother whale with his baby.

Between december and april one of the most spectacular natural shows takes place. Gray whale watching season begins in early december and moves along the pacific coast of the baja peninsula and ends in early april as the whale return north. The whale watching season in mexico is reasonably short. It has a bulky head with bumpy knots tubercles and long pectoral fins. Baja jones is the only sponsor of this, the worlds largest gray whale watching information website. Combination gray whale and blue whale trips each combination trip is unique with specific start and end points that vary with the itinerary date. Each year gray whales travel over 10,000 miles round trip between their nursery lagoons in baja california sur, mexico, to their feeding grounds in the arctic. Gray whale season in baja was a huge success wildcoast. Download scientific diagram study area around the baja california.

Up to nine species of whales visit baja on a regular basis. If you want to cruise in style in cabo, this cabo san lucas private whale watching charter on a 37ft sailboat is the way to go. Whale season starts in january and lasts until april. Please scroll down for available trips and to book your trip. More than 20 species of whales are encountered around baja most yearround, making this area an important center for whale observation. Every year, the california gray whales set off on the longest migration made by any mammal.

This was the best whale watching tour ive ever been on. We also have grays, humpback, fin, minke and pilots, bryan jauregui tells travel agent. Ok, i have europe on my big trip planning list celebrating the high schoolers graduating, but now it looks like whale watching in baja needs to be high on my list. Whales and dolphins you may see on our 12day searcher natural history tour. Gray whales migrate every year from the cold waters around alaska where they spend the summer to the warmer waters of baja california in winter once in the mexican peninsula, around the last week of december, the gray whales begin to be in sight between todos santos islands and the ensenada bay on their way south the whale migration season runs from november to february. We have the blue whale, the largest mammal on earth. Gray whales on the move teacher handout 1 answers to gray whale migration questions 1. The first months of the year gray whales and humpback whales come close to shore on their annual migration from the cold alaska waters to the warm lagoons at the center of. Observe one of the most miraculous natural phenomena on the planet. Gopro footage shot on an 11 day whale watching trip with mark carwardine. Whale watching san diego style we love whales and have driven deep into mexico twice to the unesco world heritage site of the whale diy baja california road trip. Interestingly enough, here on the oregon coast, we also see the whales as the head north during their annual migration, then as. On 20 february 1996, during an aerial survey along the baja california peninsula, we observed a single right whale eubalaena glacialis at 2302n.

It offers charter flights directly from san diego to san ignacio and fiveday, allinclusive packages, including accommodations at the camps. Whale watching tours with gray whales in bajas magdalena bay. Dreamlike pictures of gray whales from the baja california, mexico. For more information on whales and whale watching in baja, please contact. Whale watching is one of the most popular activities in baja. Like the gray whale, the humpback is a baleen filter feeder whale that grows to about 12 to 16 meters 39 to 52 feet. How to go whale watching in baja california sur, mexico. With most whale watching tours, it is considered lucky if one or two go by the boat. Though whale watching in baja is a yearround activity, the winter months are the height of whale season. A gray whale spyhops in the waters of san ignacio lagoon, baja, mexico. In the weeks in the whales will venture as far south as cabo pulmo and cabo san lucas to winter, before turning around and heading north again to summer in arctic waters. Perhaps one of the most exciting things is the official dates for this seasons whale watching.

The gray whale lagoons of baja california offer the best possibility for this opportunity of anywhere in the world. Humpback whale sightings are highly likely on trips during january and february. Grey whale watching in baja is one of the worlds most intimate wildlife encounters. The trip set out from san diego and travelling down the baja california peninsular and into the sea of cortez. February is peak month for both grey whales and visitors, and whale watching trips take place in magdalena bay and san ignacio lagoon. The humpback gets its name from its distinctive body shape.

The first official day of the season is december 15. Lodging for the popular best of bajas whales, dolphins and sea lions includes a bed and breakfast stay on the pacific ocean, as well as time spent at our famous las animas ecolodge, where you can experience sea lions, dolphins, and more whales. Baja discovery is a leading ecotourism company providing natural history trips and tours in baja california mexico, including gray whale watching at san ignacio lagoon, sea kayaking, pack trips to visit cave paintings, and custom tours and treks for birding and botany. Know season and schedule for baja whale watching tours and. As we begin to approach high season in cabo all sorts of interesting things start happening. Located off of baja californias west coast, it is the wintering grounds of the magnificent gray whale. San ignacio is the middle of the three gray whale watching lagoons on bajas pacific coast. Each season from december 15 to april 15, enjoy the sightings of the magnificent gray whale migration on a journey from the cold northern seas of alaska to the warm lagoons located at the center of the peninsula of baja california. Mothers nudge their daysold babies up to the boats, they rub against the hulls, and in some cases even come close enough to be patted on the nose. I left the pacific ocean to go to the sea of cortez in search of the largest animal in the world. Magdalena bay, a chain of lagoons protected by barrier islands, provides a favored sanctuary and winter nursery for the gray whales that travel over 5,000 miles from the bering strait to.

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